Friday, 15 January 2016

My 2nd Pre pre Vlog about my blog

Assalammualaikum guys! ok this is my 2nd Vlog about what i'm going to write next. I think it's going to be really good so stay tuned. I ada rasa macam nak buat 3 benda, 1) A normal Vlog where I share my own experience and thoughts from my point of you, please I hope there's no cyber bullies, If u want to give comment buat cara civilized. If you want to speak to me in private and confidential I will honor that. no 2) I want to have like a simple talk show, I even ada name utk my talk show, Coffee with Alfee or Tea with Alfee...It can be someone professional or well know, or individuals that has been dealing with good n bad moments in life. 3) I want to create a SUPPORT GROUP. You know kita buat perjumpaan untuk satu topic, dan share apa masaalah kita hadapi dalam kehidupan kita. I really think this is my purpose in life, help people, and help myself by learning from other people because I am still battling with depression and life is hard on me now. DUA company aniaya I. Ni pun pinjam laptop adik n I'm writing as fast as I can. what I experience with my doctor & my psychologist. this coming 27th, I have an appointment with my Gyne to really make sure my gender identity, if you are my reader you know who am I n it's very complicating. so don't forget to comment and give me some ideas, whether to blog or Vlog etc etc. I worked in three retail companies and most of my customers became very close and we start to talk about our experience, share, I think this is my purpose in life. Reality bites. Makin hari makin mencabar about everything, We deal with so many things may it be good or bad. The ones that's facing a hard time you are not alone. I am dealing with it every single day. We deal about work, love, betrayal, sex, relationship, which often makes us confuse. To me the most important thing is to know WHO YOU ARE, u know dalam cartoon Alice in Wonderland, the caterpillar asked Alice, who are you, she said her name is Alice but the caterpillar asked her again, who are you. especially to my younger reader. I remember how lost I was when I was a teenager and I wish someone had a talk with me like how I'm presenting with you bila I cakap cakap dengan orang yg berumur dari I, I suka tanya mereka, what are the things that you regret in your early years. So that I wont do the same...n i ask them if you can turn back time what would you do. So that I might try it. So that's all for tonight, I want to continue tomorrow with my Vlog. I will post it here and in youtube sementara I ada laptop nie. hehe goodnight, Assalammualaikum

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